An insurance plan provides monetary assistance in the event of any losses, for example, income loss. This is particularly crucial if you have a family group or dependents, minimizing financial tension during unlucky situations. Among Malaysia’s top insurance agencies, AIG Malaysia will help fulfil your direct insurance plan using its versatile and vast-varying policies.

Should you be looking for any 1-cease insurance policy company that will shield all facets of your life, then consider using AIG Malaysia. AIG has house, vehicle, travel, and private incident insurance coverage, which can be used to actually have got a protective backup strategy in case of unpredicted mishaps.

AIG’s Travel Insurance coverages are split into three primary limbs: insurance plans for residential and overseas travelling and insurance plans for students venturing abroad. All plans feature health-related and personal incidents include, which means you don’t need to worry about incurring unexpected expenses international.

AIG Malaysia

Shield your own home as well as the contents of your home with AIG’s home insurance policies. Some of our more popular characteristics incorporate safety against natural disasters, insurance coverage for up to 30% of your valuables. You can change your burglary coverage to complete burglary protection for the added protection.

Can you use your automobile as the primary function of transportation? Take into account getting auto insurance with AIG, and shield your automobile against theft, blaze, and much more. As well as a complete protection preparation, there are various add-on coverages to produce the program more oxygen-restricted and extend any determined range.

Private Incident Insurance plans are important in the case of sudden and unforeseen accidents. AIG offers six diverse standard tactics to suit your individual demands and add-on benefits like day-to-day medical facility earnings and health-related expense reimbursements. This policy is additionally annual protection merchandise.

Insurance plans are more than a shield- it is also an investment within your household plus your future. At AIG Malaysia, we enable you to protect that potential through our complete and versatile direct insurance policies, which are ideal for all types of life-style. Please look for the best fit for your personal upcoming these days at